Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You know you want one

A few weeks ago I posted about how I like to make softies. And I proposed a trade: a softie from me in exchange for something, anything homemade by you. And then I got some emails, and the trade was on. I love the internet.

It has, however, been brought to my attention (Brian, mom, Dutch) that maybe instead of trying to get everyone to make me something in exchange for a softie, I should just sell them. There are several good reasons behind this idea: 1) who the hell has time for one more thing on their to do list? 2) if you do manage to handmake something it is damn well going to be for your own child, 3) the barter system is dead, and 4) I am an unemployed housewife whose non-pecuniary efforts, while vast and varied, are doing nothing to cover the amount of money I am spending at the fabric store.

Therefore, I have decided to sell the softies. See below for more information. Each softie is handmade and unique. I use a variety of fabrics, including corduroy, felt, and fleece. The eyes are either buttons or felt, depending on the age of the recipient. Some softies have adornment, some don't. The back is usually a different fabric than the front. Click here for photos of some I have already made.

There are two options:

  • Order a softie from my Etsy store.

  • Order a personalized softie. This will be an original design made just for you. You can tell me exactly what you want (color, shape, fabric) or describe the person for whom it is intended (and I will do an interpretation of them - think Picasso here). Or if you have a blog, I can peruse it and then base the softie on that. (I am going to charge a bit more for these because it is more time consuming.) Email me for more information.

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